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Advertising image Art during the Great War

From 20 September 2014  until 11 January 2015  at Koningin Fabiolazaal.


Art during the Great War


This exhibition illustrates the profound impact of this event and its aftermath on art and literature in Belgium. Some artists and writers fled to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, where they came into contact with foreign art movements. Others tried to capture life behind or on the frontline.

Art during the Great War testifies to the impact of the Great War on the lives and work of six authors and artists, including Rik Wouters, Emile Verhaeren and Paul van Ostaijen.

Advertising image Sensation and Sensuality

From 25 September 2014 until 4 January 2015 in Bozar Brussels


Sensation and Sensuality is an exhibition by the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, BOZAR Brussels and the Royal Academy of Arts in London that explores the artistic legacy of Peter Paul Rubens. Over the centuries, Rubens has been admired and even envied for his great sense of colour and composition as well as his painterly technique. His work has been a rich source of inspiration to many a talented artist.

This exhibition explores the artistic legacy of Peter Paul Rubens in six thematic chapters: violence, power, lust, compassion, elegance and poetry. In each of these chapters, curator Nico Van Hout sets out in search of connections between Rubens and a variety of subsequent artists.

Campaign image High Horizon

From 27 April 2014 until 19 March 2015 at the Municipal Museum of Lier.


An exhibition project centred on the universal visual idiom of Pieter Bruegel, his direct followers, and contemporary artists as chroniclers of their ages.

High Horizon. Bruegel Land, Early 21st Century is conceived as a dynamic event incorporating performances, screenings and lectures throughout the year.

The work of such present-day artists as Philip Aguirre y Otegui, Kati Heck, Rinus Van de Velde and Ria PacquƩe reactivates and contemporises the historical scenes of Bruegel and his artistic heirs.


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