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KMSKA on the road


KMSKA regularly lends its holdings for exhibitions at home and abroad. Discover where you can admire our travelling collections.

Rogier van der Weyden. The Seven Sacraments, approx. 1440-1445, huile sur panneau, 200 x 223 cm, KMSKA © Lukas-Art in Flanders vzw, foto Hugo Maertens Rogier van der Weyden (ca. 1399 – 1464)

Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid
24 March 2015 - 28 June 2015

The Seven Sacraments, a triptych by Rogier van der Weyden from the collection of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, will spend some time in Spain this spring. The masterpiece will be given on loan to the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid for the exhibition Rogier van der Weyden (ca. 1399 – 1464) curated by the renowned British art historian Lorne Campbell.

James Ensor, Painting Skeleton , KMSKA In the studio: paintings

Gagosian Gallery, New York
17 February 2015 – 18 April 2015

The subject of the artist's studio in works of art is a very large one with a long history. The spaces where art is made, and the means by which it is made in that space, have proved fascinating to both its creators and its viewers. In the Studio: Paintings includes over 50 paintings and works on paper by nearly 40 artists. James Ensor’s Painting Skeleton, a highlight from the collection of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, was already in the US for exhibitions in Los Angeles and Chicago. It travelled to New York to be part of this exposition which will be on view until the 18th of April.


Advertising image Uecker Uecker

Kunstsammlung Nordrhein Westfalen, Düsseldorf
7 February 2015 – 10 May 2015

For a restrospective exhibition focusing on the oeuvre of Günther Uecker , Nail Object from our collection will travel to Düsseldorf.

Van Gogh au Borinage

Beaux-Arts Mons
25 January 2015 – 17 May 2015

Advertising image Van Gogh au Borinage

It was while he was in the Walloon coal-mining area of the Borinage, from December 1878 to October 1880, that Vincent van Gogh abandoned his career as a preacher and decided to become an artist. This exhibition takes you through this crucial period, during which the artistic ideas he developed largely set the course for his work. With some seventy paintings, drawings and letters by and from Van Gogh, the exhibition – which also includes over twenty works that the artist copied or that influenced his work – beautifully portrays his various sources of inspiration. Peasant Woman Digging Potatoes from the collection of KMSKA will also be on view

Rubens and His Legacy. Van Dyck to Cézanne

The Royal Academy of Arts, London
24 January 2015 – 10 April 2015

The exhibition Rubens and His Legacy by KMSKA’s curator Nico Van Hout has travelled from Brussels to Londen. Peter Paul Rubens is without doubt one of the most influential Masters that Flanders has ever seen. His work has inspired innumerable artists, including Rembrandt, Murillo, Delacroix, Renoir and Kokoschka. References to Rubens can even be found in the oeuvre of Pablo Picasso. Today, Rubens is known mostly as an artist who worked in the service of the Catholic Church and absolutist monarchs. Yet, there is also a less formal side to his oeuvre: Rubens was equally a painter of family portraits, landscapes and bucolic scenes, peasant dances and love gardens. This is the poetic Rubens who prepared the way for Rococo, Romanticism and even Impressionism. 

In this film KMSKA-curator Van Hout introduces the exhibition to the British audience.

Nico Van Hout introduces 'Rubens and His Legacy' from Royal Academy of Arts on Vimeo.

Abraham Mignon in Rome

Belgian Embassy, Rome
Long term loan

The painting Flowers in a vase by Dutch artist Abraham Mignon has travelled from Antwerp to Rome where it will be displayed in the Belgian embassy as a long term loan.

Anonymous in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam,
Long term loan

In 1599 an anonymous painter made a family portrait of the Amsterdam merchant Thomas Gerritszn Doesburch, his wife Claesje Hendricksdr Roeclaes and their children. He did this in a period in which the core family (father, mother and children) became a basic principle in western society. This portrait from the collection of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp has travelled to the Amsterdam Museum where it will be on display during the renovation of the KMSKA.

Rembrandt in Amsterdam

Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam
Long term loan

In 2009 the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp invited the renowned Rembrandt expert Ernst van de Wetering to study the Portrait of the Preacher Eleazar Swalmius as the painting had recently been restored. Van de Wetering concluded that the portrait was made by the Dutch master Rembrandt. During the renovation of the museum you will be able to see it at the Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam.

Van Dyck in the US

Worcester Art Museum
Long term loan

The painting Portrait of a Man by Antoon Van Dyckhas travelled to the Worcester Art Museum in the state of Massachusetts where it will be restored by the museum's restoration team. 


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