The Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, a museum of the Government of Flanders.

On 14 May 2008, the Flemish Parliament passed the amended Heritage Decree. The purpose of this piece of legislation is to promote high-quality and sustainable care for the tangible and intangible Flemish heritage. In addition, the Government of Flanders wishes to enhance public access to that heritage. The Heritage Decree regulates subsidising for the implementation of heritage covenants and funding of publications and projects relating to the cultural heritage. It stipulates among other things that the museum institutions of the Flemish Community must meet all recognition criteria for a museum. Additionally, they are required to draw up a management plan (art. 8 ยง1).

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp is recognised as a museum by the Government of Flanders and it meets all the conditions laid down in the Heritage Decree. Moreover, the KMSKA has autonomous status as a Dienst Afzonderlijk Beheer (DAB) and it is one of the scientific institutions of the Government of Flanders.On August 1st 2014, the KMSKA services have been integrated into the Flemish policy domain of Culture, Youth, Sports and Media.

Better Administrative Policy

The Better Administrative Policy project is a reform programme aimed at enhancing the transparency and effectiveness of the Flemish public administration. Its modalities are laid down in three decrees.

  • The framework decree concerning Administrative Policy, which was issued on 18 July 2003, establishes the organisational outlines of administrative policy on the basis of the principles previously laid down by the Flemish Government. With this imperative decree, the structure of the Flemish administration was redesigned.
  • The Accounts Decree regulates the budgets, the accounts, the monitoring of subsidising and controls by the Court of Audit. The decree reflects the framework decree concerning Administrative Policy. The rules of accountancy govern all procedures with financial implications as well as the scope for discretion within those procedures. The Accounts Decree was passed by the Flemish Parliament on 29 April 2004. It became effective on 1 January 2010.
  • The framework Decree concerning Strategic Advisory Boards of 18 July 2003, provides a regulation for a transparent, simple and effective advisory system for policy-related matters. The decree regulates the establishment, ambit and functioning of advisory boards.

Museum offices

Lange Kievitstraat 111-113 bus 100, B-2018 Antwerpen

T +32 (0)3 224 95 50