Collections Department


The Collections Department focuses primarily on studying the collection and developing exhibitions and is responsible for maintaining, managing, documenting and, if need be, restoring the museum collection. The museum library, archives and documentation centre are part of this department too.

The Collections Department is responsible for art-historical research into and documentation of the museum collection. The insights acquired form the basis for the KMSKA's collection policy. The department supports the museum's exhibitions through scientific research and it publishes its research data on a regular basis. In this manner, it contributes to a better public accessibility of the collection.

The Collections Department creates opportunities for a broad as well as a specialised audience to become acquainted with the collection, which constitutes an important part of the Flemish cultural heritage. Furthermore, it is the department's task to manage and optimise the accessibility of the museum library, archives and documentation centre.


  • To enhance public access to the collection through, among other things, an online catalogue and publications, sub catalogues and compact information files.
  • To develop as a competence centre for the visual arts from the Southern Netherlands.
  • To become the driving force in cooperation programmes with a view to developing an internationally renowned scientific knowledge and documentation centre for the visual arts from the Southern Netherlands.
  • To become a reference in the field of collection management.
  • To develop a library that pertains to the collection, that is accessible online and that can, in a subsequent phase, be integrated at the level of the Flemish Art Museums within the framework of the Flanders Bureau for Art-Historical Documentation.
  • To develop a centre of expertise in the field of the conservation and restoration of paintings from the 14th to the 20th centuries.

Dr. Elsje Janssen is head of the Collections Department


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T +32 (0)3 224 95 50