An overview of the exhibitions currently on view in or in collaboration with the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Dreams of Mother-of-pearl

Dreams of Mother-of-pearl. The Ensor collection of KMSKA in Ostend.

From May 12 until June 16 2019 at Mu.ZEE in Ostend.

After 10 years, the Ensor collection of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp is once again visible, not in Antwerp, but in Ostend, the hometown of James Ensor.     


Call for Justice

Call for Justice. Art and law in the Low Countries (1450-1650).

From March 23 maart until June 24 2018 at Museum Hof van Busleyden Mechelen.

The exhibition is structured around three themes: justice, jurisprudence and injustice. You will discover prestigious masterpieces by artists such as  Quinten Metsys, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Maerten de Vos, Peter Paul Rubens and  Antoon van Dyck.     


The Flat-Cum-Studio of Jozef Peeters

The Flat-Cum-Studio of Jozef Peeters

The flat of painter Jozef Peeters is an artwork in itself. Located on De Gerlachekaai in Antwerp, it is being opened to the public by KSMKA in collaboration with the City of Antwerp and the House of Literature.

Advertising image Modern Art from the Interbellum

Modern Art from the Interbellum

At the FelixArt Museum in Drogenbos

Two spaces in the unique museum building offer a broad overview of the vibrant art scene during the Interbellum, ranging from abstraction to expressionism.

Advertising poster Reunion 

Reunion. From Quentin Matsys to Peter Paul Rubens. Masterpieces from the Royal Museum Return to the Cathedral

Eight monumental altarpieces from the KMSKA collection shine in the setting for which they were originally created.


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