An overview of the exhibitions currently on view in or in collaboration with the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Campagnebeeld The Beauty Of The Beast

The Beauty of the Beast

From 25 May 2017 until 15 October 2017 at the Castle of Hingene

Art history begins with animals. This exhibition features animals in the art of Old Masters and contemporary artists. With works by Roelant Savery, Frans Snijders & Jacob Jordaens next to works by artists like Koen Vanmechelen, Wim Delvoye & Stephan Vanfleteren.

Campagnebeeld Encounters


From 19 May 2017 until 20 August 2017 at MAS.

Great art needs no explanation in order to touch us and even change us. Some works of art leave observers bewildered; others allow them to 'see' from a different perspective. Dancers in the exhibition are guides of sensibility for the observer; they reinforce the total experience.

A collaboration between the KMSKA and the MAS.

Campagnebeeld The Sky is the limit

The Sky is the Limit. Landscape in the Low Countries

From 25 March 2017 until 2 July 2017 at the Rockox House Museum.

In the 16th century a new genre of painting arose: the landscape. Artists initially painted landscapes as backdrops for biblical or mythological scenes. Gradually, they developed infinite variations on the theme, with cityscapes, mountain views, panoramas, depictions of hell and seascapes becoming subjects in their own right. This exhibition includes works by Joachim Patinir, Pieter Bruegel I en Peter Paul Rubens. Travel by video artist David Claerbout will be featured as a contemporary counterpart.

A collaboration with the Rockox House and the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister Dresden.

Campagnebeeld Retrospectieve Rik Wouters

Rik Wouters. A Retrospective

From 10 March 2017 until 2 July 2017 at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels

For the first time, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp bring together in one exhibition the most important collection of works by the illustrious Belgian artist of the early 20thcentury. A prominent figure in Brabant’s Fauvism, Rik Wouters brought us brilliant and colorful art.

The Flat-Cum-Studio of Jozef Peeters

The Flat-Cum-Studio of Jozef Peeters

The flat of painter Jozef Peeters is an artwork in itself. Located on De Gerlachekaai in Antwerp, it is being opened to the public by KSMKA in collaboration with the City of Antwerp and the House of Literature.

The Golden Cabinet advertising image

The Golden Cabinet. Royal Museum at the Rockox House

Until 2 July 2017 at the Rockox House

A chance to immerse yourself in the world of the rich citizen of the seventeenth century.

Advertising image Modern Art from the Interbellum

Modern Art from the Interbellum

At the FelixArt Museum in Drogenbos

Two spaces in the unique museum building offer a broad overview of the vibrant art scene during the Interbellum, ranging from abstraction to expressionism.

Advertising poster Reunion 

Reunion. From Quentin Matsys to Peter Paul Rubens. Masterpieces from the Royal Museum Return to the Cathedral

Eight monumental altarpieces from the KMSKA collection shine in the setting for which they were originally created.


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