The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA) is a public scientific institution of the Government of Flanders. With its vast collection of art, it is a leading research centre in the field of Flemish cultural heritage.

Studying the collection pieces and their history is one of the museum’s core assignments.
The findings of this research are recorded in the collection catalogue, a scientific instrument that is essential to various aspects of the museum’s activities, including acquisitions, conservation and restoration, collection access, education and presentations.
Four specific lines of research supplement this fundamental work. A first area of study is the origin of the exquisite museum collection. Second, systematic research is conducted into the unique Peter Paul Rubens subcollection. More recently, a research programme has been launched into the work of James Ensor, an artist of whom KMSKA possesses the world’s largest collection. And last but not least, the museum publishes a scientific annual. This and other museum publications, alongside the institution’s involvement in training programmes and other collaborations, form the spearhead of KMSKA’s knowledge dissemination

James Ensor, Schilderend geraamte

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Newsflash: The museum researchers organised the symposium Ensor's Creative Process: Technique, Concept, Image. 

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A researcher is studting one of Rubens' paintings

To celebrate the completion of the conservation treatment of Hans Memling’s Christ with Singing and Music-making Angels, we will organize a two day symposium on March 13th & 14th. 

The symposium will include lectures delivered by (inter)national specialists from famous institutions and an exclusive visit to the conervation studio

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