Art and Cultural Anthropology


Art - like religion, the social system and the economy - is a fundamental dimension of any culture.

A work of art is never interchangeable with a description or representation through a different medium; it cannot be transmuted into a different form of expression. It is through aesthetic engagement that the sensitivities and tendencies of a culture which are manifested nowhere else are revealed in beauty. KMSKA's research activities in this field focus on the origins of meaning, the process of stylistic generation and energetics. The latter refers to the aesthetic appearance (be it corporeal or detached from the body) of primary pulses, well before the formation of the idea/notion and even the emotion.


The findings of this research are presented in various publications, and will culminate in an exhibition under the tile La Vivante, featuring works of art from different eras and cultures. It will include paintings by Old Masters such as Dürer, El Greco, Bun-sho and Turner, as well as work by more contemporary artists, such as Petah Coyne, Rona Pondick and Anthony Cragg. It will also encompass textiles and seventeenth-century lacework, alongside creations that many would not acknowledge as art because of a lack of adherence to the Western canon. The exhibition will also incorporate a dance performance.


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