Rubensbulletin 2012


The Rubensbulletin is a web-based journal with scientific contributions in various languages on the oeuvre of Peter Paul Rubens and his assistants. The Rubensbulletin is intended for Rubens scholars and others who are interested in this matter.

In this edition of the Rubensbulletin

Triumph in Antwerp. Rubens' oilsketch The Triumphal Chariot of Kallo (II) (EN)

Ank Adriaans - van Schaik

Jordaens and the Rubens Descent from the Cross in Lille (EN)

Nico Van Hout

Christus en de ongelovige Thomas. Iconologische opmerkingen bij enkele afbeeldingen van na de Reformatie (NE)

Alexander Mossel

Rubens en Brueghel, bondgenoten in de slag om de gordel van Ares (NE)

Christine Van Mulders

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