The Deep Fountain


Cristina Iglesias

Located centrally outside the entrance to the museum building, The Deep Fountain by Spanish sculptress Cristina Iglesias captures the attention of young and old. In a cycle of approximately 64 minutes, the fountain, which is more of a spring than a fountain, fills and empties. It represents time and tides, coming and going, giving and taking. It also exudes a sense of peace. It seems that passers-by are invariably drawn by the relaxing rhythm of the gentle ebb and flow of the water. The redesigned museum square by architects Robberecht and Daem is intended to give the visitor a preview of the treasures that lie hidden inside, beyond the somewhat imposing steps leading up to the entrance. Sculptures by the Antwerp-born artist Josué Dupon and some heads by French sculptor Auguste Rodin were given a prominent place on the square. The winding bench to the right of the museum building is by fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester. It emphasis the square's function as a meeting place. To the far left, a V-bomb memorial plaque appeals to the collective memory of the citizens of Antwerp.

Revealing reflection

When empty, the fountain reveals a cast of eucalyptus leaves at its depths. When full, it reflects the imposing facade of the museum, as well as surrounding buildings, trees, and passing trams, cars and pedestrians.

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