Rik Wouters
Mechelen 1882 - Amsterdam 1916
192 x 55 x 88 cm
Inventory number 2056

A woman is deep in thought. Her left foot is positioned slightly forward, barely touching the ground, while the rest of her body is tilted backward. She is radiant and exudes a total inner calm. The emphasis in this sculpture is on the plastic curves of the model. Raw Impressionist touches can be found all over her body. In many places, the marks of the artist's knife and thumb are clearly discernible. After modelling Reverie in clay, Rik Wouters produced a gypsum cast, with which he entered the 1907 Goderlache competition. The winner of that competition received the opportunity to travel abroad for three years. Wouters narrowly missed out on the prize. Reverie is a unique sculpture. Wouters cast just one bronze of the design. The museum possesses not only the bronze, but also the original gypsum model.

Persistent muse

Wouters was trained as a sculptor at Mechelen and Brussels. During this training, he was required to draw a lot, which he enjoyed and would continue to do throughout his life. He rendered this dreamy-eyed lady not only as a sculpture, but also in numerous paintings, watercolours and drawings. It is Nel, Wouters's wife, muse and favourite model, whom he immortalised uncountable times in informal poses and fleeting moments.

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