The collection

From the Flemish Primitives to modern masters and Flemish Expressionists. With Rubens in a leading role. And the world’s most important Ensor collection as pivot point.

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Schilderij Zoals de ouden zongen, piepen de jongen van Jacob Jordaens
The old folks sing, the young folks chirp Jacques Jordaens

The great masters

Two outstanding painters occupy a special place in our collection: Rubens and Ensor. Two Belgians who won over the entire world with their unique style.

  • Peter Paul Rubens

    He’s one of the world’s most famous painters. And inextricably linked to Antwerp. But what makes Rubens so special? Get to know the great master of the Flemish Baroque in real depth.

    Life and work
    Schilderij Venus Frigida van Peter Paul Rubens
    Peter Paul Rubens Venus Frigida
  • James Ensor

    The world’s most important collection of James Ensor’s art is right here in our museum. And not by chance. Ensor has the power to move you to your core. And his international recognition is still growing.

    Find out more
    Schilderij De intrige van James Ensor
    James Ensor The intrigue
Schilderij Venus Frigida van Peter Paul Rubens
Venus Frigida Peter Paul Rubens
Schilderij De intrige van James Ensor
The intrigue James Ensor

KMSKA near you

The museum is renovating. You’ll soon be able to admire our masterpieces in a unique setting. Prefer not to wait? Lots of our paintings are already showing their best side at other locations in Belgium.

KMSKA on tour

Art knows no boundaries. Our top works have been proving that all year long. Leading museums all over the world are showing our masterpieces. Itchy feet? Travel in the footsteps of our highlights.

Where are they hanging (out)?

More about the collection

Schilderij De bekoring van Sint-Antonius van James Ensor
Maths genius donates James Ensor painting

Leading mathematician Henry Crapo has donated the painting The Temptation of St Anthony by James Ensor to the KMSKA.

Schilderij Heilige familie met de papegaai van Peter Paul Rubens
Five special Rubens restorations

The restoration workshop has been hard at work. Several exceptional works by Peter Paul Rubens are restored in recent years. An overview.

Schilderij De bespotting van Simson van Jan Steen
Mauritshuis rediscovers painting by Jan Steen

Experts from the Mauritshuis have concluded that The painting The Mocking of Sampson from our collection is a genuine Jan Steen.