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Facade museum building visible again

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De gerestaureerde gevel van het KMSKA aan de kant van de Schilderstraat

Have you seen it yet? The scaffolding has been removed from the museum’s facade on the Schildersstraat and Beeldhouwersstraat. And what a transformation! Thanks to its thorough cleaning, you can now see the original colour of the stone once more.


The scaffolds went up around the museum building in April 2018. Karel Breda architects, who specialize in the restoration of historic structures, and Artes Woudenberg painstakingly treated the exterior, cleaning, conserving and where necessary repairing the walls.


Karel Breda and Artes Woudenberg has now completed the restoration of the Schildersstraat and Beeldhouwersstraat facades. They have dismantled the scaffolding on these sides. The result is a magnificent facade with light-pink and yellow tones and restored sculptures.

De gerestaureerde zijgevel van het museumgebouw
Photo ©Karin Borghouts

Multicoloured museum

The building had become quite grey and monotonous in appearance. But this wasn’t how it looked originally. A variety of stone types were used when the museum was constructed in 1890. The base of the entire building, for instance, is clad in bluestone and most of the statues were done in a light-pink Euville stone from France.