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Team van Meer! designs museum garden

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Ontwerp van de museumtuin van het KMSKA

Alongside the renovation of the building, we’re also remodelling the garden around the museum. The KMSKA organized a competition to select a new garden design. Team van Meer! won the competition and will design the museum garden.

The various entries were submitted to a jury with members from the KMSKA, the City of Antwerp, the Cultural Infrastructure Fund (the principal) and Support Services. The proposed garden designs were also presented to local residents. The entry by Team van Meer! emerged from this selection process as the winner.

Wedstrijdontwerp van de museumtuin van Team van Meer!
First garden design ©Team van Meer!

Museum garden concept

Team van Meer! has reinterpreted the key elements of the historical museum garden and has combined them in a contemporary garden concept that gives both the museum and its local neighbourhood the space they need. The garden will be a place to experience art and to meet.

The museum’s garden will act as its first exhibition space, integrating sculptures from its own collection as well as loaned works. The garden is also important as a special, green location for the neighbourhood: serene in character and on a human scale.

Ontwerp van de Museumtuin
Simulation museum garden ©Team van Meer!