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Site photos to get you dreaming


Just before construction halted for the summer break, we dispatched our site photographer Karin Borghouts for one more look at how the work is coming on. The beautiful pictures she brought back have got us all dreaming about the new museum.

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Zicht op een gerestaureerde museumzaal

Like you, we’ll have to be patient for a while longer though. Before we can reopen, our climate control system has to run for a whole year to test it properly and a mosaic floor still needs to be laid in the entrance zone. The museum galleries haven’t been handed over officially yet, while the De Keyser Gallery with our grand staircase has to be refurbished. Only then can we start fitting out the interior and installing the works of art. So the months ahead are going to be pretty busy!

De Rubenszaal van het museum
Rubens Gallery Photo: Karin Borghouts

Meanwhile in the Rubens Gallery

The walls have been painted, the floor polished up and the iconic museum benches are back where they belong. What else has to be done? The ornamental frames in the ceiling still need their gold decoration, the scenography has yet to be carried out and, of course, the monumental paintings by Rubens have to be rehung. Before that can happen, the climate control system must be run for a year to test it.

Blik op de Rubenszaal vanuit verschillende hoeken
Rubens Gallery Photos : Karin Borghouts

The passage between the Rubens Gallery (foreground) to the Van Dyck Gallery (background) has been widened to allow the addition of a crossing via which visitors can move unnoticed from one side of the new part of the museum to the other.


As the renovation was being carried out, the building contractor discovered these historic columns that had been concealed inside false walls. They have now been restored.

Zicht op een gerestaureerde museumzaal
Historic gallery Photo: Karin Borhouts
Zicht op een gerestaureerde museumzaal
Rediscovery of historical columns Photo: Karin Borghouts

Back on the circuit

This elongated space was previously closed off to the public. When the museum reopens, the gallery will form part of the circuit once again. We’re especially pleased that the historic rooms have been given back their original colours.

Zicht op een gerestaureerde museumzaal
Accessible again soon Photos: Karin Borghouts
Aan de toegangsdeuren van het museum
Ter hoogte van de toegang

Foto: Karin Borghouts

Still lots to do


A new mosaic floor will be laid at this location at the top of the museum steps, to welcome you into the building.


You can also see the lift here that will allow less mobile visitors to access the museum entrance without having to go up the monumental steps.


Zicht op de inkomhal
In the entrance hall Photo: Karin Borghouts
Zicht op de leeszaal van de bibliotheek
In the reading room Photo: Karin Borghouts

These magnificent chandeliers will illuminate the entrance lobby. Before that can happen, though, the museum’s staircase needs to be thoroughly renovated.


You’ll have a view from the refurbished bookshop into the reading room of the museum library. The bookcases are already installed – now we just need a floor!

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