Ensor in bird's-eye view

Our Ensor collection is one of the KMSKA’s greatest treasures. It truly is a goldmine – the largest ensemble of the artist’s work anywhere in the world. James Ensor has gone down in history as the painter of masks, yet he was much more than that.

In the first episode of our Ensor video series, curator Herwig Todts takes off the masks. And we also pay a visit to Ostend, where Ensor was born, walked his dogs and eventually died.

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Temporarily closed, fully active

It’s not possible to visit the collection for the time being. In the meantime, we’re working hard on a new museum. Our masters aren’t sitting still either. Visit them near you, or travel with them. All over the world.

Follow the renovation
Zicht op de onthaalzone onder de inkomhal

New site photos: dazzling white

Our site photographer Karin Borghouts takes you on a privileged tour of our brand-new, gleaming white galleries.

Een detail van de kunstmozaïek

Belgium’s most beautiful mosaic art

The steps at the museum entrance will lead up to the largest – and in our humble opinion – most beautiful piece of mosaic art in Belgium.

Schilderij Madonna omringd door serafijnen en cherubijnen van Jean Fouquet

The Madonna meets Mad Meg

The Madonna by Fouquet, the masterpiece of the KMSKA, on view again in Antwerp.


  • 05
    Oct 2019
    The Madonna meets Mad Meg

    Museum Mayer van de Bergh is temporarily closed to prevent the spread of the corona virus. You cannot visit this exhibition at the moment.

Zicht op een gerestaureerde museumzaal

Site photos to get you dreaming

Just before the summer break, we dispatched our site photographer Karin Borghouts for one more look at how the work is coming on.

Portret van Emma Lambotte

Emma Lambotte, Ensor’s soul mate

When Emma Lambotte discovered James Ensor’s work, she recognized a soul mate. The two of them became lifelong friends.

Onderzoekers van de UA scannen een schilderij

Angels under the scanner

The first thing you have to do when embarking on any restoration is carry out a preliminary examination.

Portret van Tom Liekens door Diego Franssens

Museum Muse: Tom Liekens

Which works of art from the KMSKA collection inspire artists today? And why?

Waterval van Tivili een schilderij van Simon Denis

New addition to the Masterpiece List: ‘Waterfall at Tivoli’ by Simon Denis

Flemish Culture Minister Jan Jambon recently placed another work from the KMSKA collection on the official Flemish Masterpiece List.

Schilderij Keizer Karel als kind van Jan Van Beers

From scandal to success

Painter Jan Van Beers was accused of painting over photos. Is that correct? Let's find out!