James Ensor

One of the finest treasures of the KMSKA is our Ensor collection. The largest in the world. A gold mine! James Ensor went down in history as the painter of masks. But he is so much more than that.

James Ensor in bird's-eye view

De grootste Ensorcollectie ter wereld
James Ensor in bird’s-eye view - Episode 1

James Ensor was undisputedly the greatest Belgian modernist. In this episode we are going back to his roots in Ostend.

Ensor in vogelvlucht aflevering 2
James Ensor in bird’s-eye view - Episode 2

Find out more about the creative process of the artist along with the researchers of the Ensor Research Project.

James Ensor
James Ensor in bird’s-eye view - Episode 3

In this final instalment, we take a closer look at the man as an artist. And we give some of his fans the chance to sing his praises.

The complete collection of paintings

In addition to many drawings and sketches, the museum has no fewer than 38 paintings by James Ensor. There are some absolute gems in it. Check them all out.

  • schilderij-het-schilderend-geraamte-james-ensor
  • Schilderij Daken in Oostende van James Ensor
  • schilderij-man-van-smarten-james-ensor

The man behind the masks

We know Ensor as a pioneer of modern art. But who was the man behind the masks? A complex personality. One leg in the 19th century, the other in the 20th.

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Portretfoto van James Ensor uit het archief van het KMSKA

Ensor Research Project

James Ensor certainly deserves his own research project: the foundation for making the museum the knowledge center of James Ensor.

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The finest stories on James Ensor

Schilderij De oestereetster van James Ensor (na reiniging)
Six things you should know about Ensor’s Oyster Eater

The Oyster Eater is an absolute milestone in James Ensor’s art. Read all about it here!

Portret van Emma Lambotte
Emma Lambotte, Ensor’s soul mate

When Emma Lambotte discovered James Ensor’s work, she recognized a soul mate. The two of them became lifelong friends.

Ask A Question_Zestien September
Ask A Question: De Intrige

Wat is de intrige achter De Intrige? KMSKA-onderzoeker en Ensorexpert Herwig Todts dompelt je onder in de wereld van James Ensor

Inname van een vreemde stad, James Ensor
New acquisition: etching by Ensor

New to the collection: Capture of a Strange Town, an etching by James Ensor. With thanks to a friend of the museum.

Schilderij De bekoring van Sint-Antonius van James Ensor
Maths genius donates James Ensor painting

Leading mathematician Henry Crapo has donated the painting The Temptation of St Anthony by James Ensor to the KMSKA.