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Zicht op een gerestaureerde museumzaal

Site photos to get you dreaming

Just before the summer break, we dispatched our site photographer Karin Borghouts for one more look at how the work is coming on.

Boekcover Meneer Kadinsky was een Schilder

An art gallery on your bookshelf

Children’s books have become a genre without limits and children’s art books are claiming their place. How did this come about?

Madonna bij de fontein, een schilderij van Jan van Eyck

Small but perfectly formed

Jan van Eyck’s Madonna at the Fountain has joined the Madonna Meets Mad Meg exhibition at Antwerp’s Mayer van den Bergh Museum since 23 June

Portret Gautier Platteau

Interview with Gautier Platteau: producer of art books

Gautier Platteau is a thoroughbred producer of art books. A conversation about stories, quality and staying true to yourself.

Portret van Madeleine ter Kuile

What are we doing? Madeleine ter Kuile

Museum staff introduce themselves. A glimpse of what’s happening as we prepare for the opening of the new museum.

De Koning drinkt, een tekening van Jacob Jordaens

The King Drinks now an official Flemish Masterpiece. Cheers!

This drawing by Jacob Jordaens - part of the KMSKA collection – has been placed on the official list of Flemish Masterpieces.

Portret van een familie van Cornelis de Vos

5 times the ideal family

For Global Day of Parents, we dive into our family portraits. From family reunions to ‘the New Man’ in 1651. Discover all about it.

Restauratie mozaïekvloer (detail)

Museum balcony’s mosaic floor has been beautifully restored

Following intensive treatment, the mosaic floor of the museum balcony has been restored to its former glory.

Zijaanzicht van de portretbuste van Maximiliaan II Emmanuel

From perruque to pinkie

Four marble busts in the KMSKA collection are receiving conservation treatment at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA).

Portret Somto Offor door Marco Mertens

I have a dream: Somto Offor

What do young people dream of when they think about art museums and the future KMSKA?

Portretbuset Ridder Florent Van Ertborn, burgemeester van Antwerpen door Jozef Geefs

Thanks, Florent!

No one donated as many works to the museum as Florent van Ertborn. Let's take a closer look at some outstanding paintings from his bequest.

Portret van Max Rooses van Jan Hendrik Luyten

Max Rooses: reconstructing a scattered archive

Max Rooses is an important figure in Flemish cultural history, whose documentary legacy is being fully mapped out in 2020.