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Luchtbeeld van het museum

The finest museum

The museum rooms look great! Would you like to take a look?

Ensor beantwoordt de Proust Questionnaire

Ensor answers the Proust Questionnaire

Our Ensor expert Herwig Todts interprets Ensor’s anwers to the illustrious Proust Questionnaire.

Detail van de nieuwe kunstmozaïek voor het KMSKA

Painting with stones

There are quite a few mosaics in the museum, each of which has come in for some tender loving care from two passionate craftspeople.

Restaurator Eva van Zuien aan het werk

Gleaming vegetables and fruit

Joachim Beuckelaer’s 16th-century Vegetable Market had quite a few problems to contend with before its conservation treatment.

Detail De oestereetster

Six things you should know about Ensor’s Oyster Eater

The Oyster Eater is an absolute milestone in James Ensor’s art. Read all about it here!

Portret van Gwen Borms

Rubens in LA

Two paintings by Peter Paul Rubens are in Los Angeles right now undergoing conservation treatment.

Portret van Emma Lambotte

Emma Lambotte, Ensor’s soul mate

When Emma Lambotte discovered James Ensor’s work, she recognized a soul mate. The two of them became lifelong friends.

Een detail van de kunstmozaïek

Belgium’s most beautiful mosaic art

The steps at the museum entrance will lead up to the largest – and in our humble opinion – most beautiful piece of mosaic art in Belgium.

Zicht op de onthaalzone onder de inkomhal

New site photos: dazzling white

Our site photographer Karin Borghouts takes you on a privileged tour of our brand-new, gleaming white galleries.

James Ensor

James Ensor in bird’s-eye view - Episode 3

In this final instalment, we take a closer look at the man as an artist. And we give some of his fans the chance to sing his praises.

Portret van Tom Liekens door Diego Franssens

Museum Muse: Tom Liekens

Which works of art from the KMSKA collection inspire artists today? And why?

Ensor in vogelvlucht aflevering 2

James Ensor in bird’s-eye view - Episode 2

Find out more about the creative process of the artist along with the researchers of the Ensor Research Project.