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Zicht op de onthaalzone onder de inkomhal

New site photos: dazzling white

Our site photographer Karin Borghouts takes you on a privileged tour of our brand-new, gleaming white galleries.

James Ensor

James Ensor in bird’s-eye view - Episode 3

In this final instalment, we take a closer look at the man as an artist. And we give some of his fans the chance to sing his praises.

Portret van Tom Liekens door Diego Franssens

Museum Muse: Tom Liekens

Which works of art from the KMSKA collection inspire artists today? And why?

Ensor in vogelvlucht aflevering 2

James Ensor in bird’s-eye view - Episode 2

Find out more about the creative process of the artist along with the researchers of the Ensor Research Project.

De grootste Ensorcollectie ter wereld

James Ensor in bird’s-eye view - Episode 1

James Ensor was undisputedly the greatest Belgian modernist. In this episode we are going back to his roots in Ostend.

Schilderij Keizer Karel als kind van Jan Van Beers

From scandal to success

Painter Jan Van Beers was accused of painting over photos. Is that correct? Let's find out!

Onderzoekers van de UA scannen een schilderij

Angels under the scanner

The first thing you have to do when embarking on any restoration is carry out a preliminary examination.

Waterval van Tivili een schilderij van Simon Denis

New addition to the Masterpiece List: ‘Waterfall at Tivoli’ by Simon Denis

Flemish Culture Minister Jan Jambon recently placed another work from the KMSKA collection on the official Flemish Masterpiece List.

Een schets van Mattheus Ignatius van Bree

New acquisition: drawing by Mattheus Ignatius van Bree

The museum recently purchased a drawing by the Antwerp history painter Mattheus Ignatius van Bree (1773–1839).

Zicht op een gerestaureerde museumzaal

Site photos to get you dreaming

Just before the summer break, we dispatched our site photographer Karin Borghouts for one more look at how the work is coming on.

Boekcover Meneer Kadinsky was een Schilder

An art gallery on your bookshelf

Children’s books have become a genre without limits and children’s art books are claiming their place. How did this come about?

Madonna bij de fontein, een schilderij van Jan van Eyck

Small but perfectly formed

Jan van Eyck’s Madonna at the Fountain has joined the Madonna Meets Mad Meg exhibition at Antwerp’s Mayer van den Bergh Museum since 23 June