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Portret van Tom Liekens door Diego Franssens

Museum Muse: Tom Liekens

Which works of art from the KMSKA collection inspire artists today? And why?

Waterval van Tivili een schilderij van Simon Denis

New addition to the Masterpiece List: ‘Waterfall at Tivoli’ by Simon Denis

Flemish Culture Minister Jan Jambon recently placed another work from the KMSKA collection on the official Flemish Masterpiece List.

Een schets van Mattheus Ignatius van Bree

New acquisition: drawing by Mattheus Ignatius van Bree

The museum recently purchased a drawing by the Antwerp history painter Mattheus Ignatius van Bree (1773–1839).

Een innovatieve toepassing op basis van het werk van James Ensor

Innovative experimentation with Erasmus

Will Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things customize your museum experience?

De Koning drinkt, een tekening van Jacob Jordaens

The King Drinks now an official Flemish Masterpiece. Cheers!

This drawing by Jacob Jordaens - part of the KMSKA collection – has been placed on the official list of Flemish Masterpieces.

Portret van een familie van Cornelis de Vos

5 times the ideal family

For Global Day of Parents, we dive into our family portraits. From family reunions to ‘the New Man’ in 1651. Discover all about it.

Portretbuset Ridder Florent Van Ertborn, burgemeester van Antwerpen door Jozef Geefs

Thanks, Florent!

No one donated as many works to the museum as Florent van Ertborn. Let's take a closer look at some outstanding paintings from his bequest.

Schilderij De Wolk van Adrien-Louis Demont

9 paintings featuring clouds

What to do when you have to stay home? You can start looking at clouds? Like many painters did before you.

Portret van kunstenaar Sofie Muller, foto: Anneke d'Hollander

Museum Muse: Sofie Muller

Which works of art from the KMSKA collection inspire artists today? And why?


The culture of giving: the KMSKA donor book

We have just published our richly illustrated donor book. A conversation with the authors.


Six interesting facts about St Barbara

We reveal six little known facts about Saint Barbara of Nicomedia by Jan van Eyck.

Inname van een vreemde stad, James Ensor

New acquisition: etching by Ensor

New to the collection: Capture of a Strange Town, an etching by James Ensor. With thanks to a friend of the museum.