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Luchtbeeld van het museum

The finest museum

The museum rooms look great! Would you like to take a look?

Een detail van de kunstmozaïek

Belgium’s most beautiful mosaic art

The steps at the museum entrance will lead up to the largest – and in our humble opinion – most beautiful piece of mosaic art in Belgium.

Zicht op de onthaalzone onder de inkomhal

New site photos: dazzling white

Our site photographer Karin Borghouts takes you on a privileged tour of our brand-new, gleaming white galleries.

Zicht op een gerestaureerde museumzaal

Site photos to get you dreaming

Just before the summer break, we dispatched our site photographer Karin Borghouts for one more look at how the work is coming on.

Restauratie mozaïekvloer (detail)

Museum balcony’s mosaic floor has been beautifully restored

Following intensive treatment, the mosaic floor of the museum balcony has been restored to its former glory.


Back to the roots Ann Demeulemeester

The Antwerp fashion brand Ann Demeulemeester recently staged a spectacular photo shoot at the museum construction site.

Zelfportret Karin Borghouts

Photography with a painter’s eye

Karin Borghouts has been photographing the renovation of the KMSKA since 2011. She also spent two years retracing Vincent van Gogh’s footste

Gerestaureerde voorgevel museumgebouw KMSKA

Restoration of facade completed

Our facades underwent a thorough cleaning, and the result is impressive! View more images of our beautiful facade here.

Oud en nieuw gebouw

KMSKA Backstage: The Building

We’re building not just one museum for you but two. Two in the space of one! Come and take a peek backstage!

Archeologisch onderzoek in de museumtuin

Archaeological research Duke of Alva’s fortress

Archaeological research in the museum garden revealed the precise location of the Duke of Alva’s fortress.

Detail van een gevelsculptuur

Focus on the facades

The museum facades are decorated with impressive 19th-century sculptures. How and when were these statues installed?

Ontwerp van de museumtuin van het KMSKA

Team van Meer! designs museum garden

Alongside the renovation of the building, we’re also remodelling the garden around the museum.